Created velomobile Snoek moving at a speed of 60 km / h (2 photos + video)

The main advantage of the vehiclevelomobile is a combination of simple handling, environmental friendliness and economy of a bicycle with the stability and convenience of a car. The three-wheeled vehicle Snoek, created by the Dutch company Velomobiel, is capable of demonstrating unique speed qualities while maintaining the safety of the user. When driving, only the muscular power of the driver is used, and emissions into the atmosphere are zero.

Velomobiel developers announced the creation ofhigh-speed serial velomobile Snoek (from the Dutch language - pike) with unique aerodynamic characteristics. The Snoek body is made from lightweight yet durable carbon fiber. Aerodynamic drag is reduced by creating a more streamlined body shape, and the frontal fairing area is 20% less than the company's predecessor, known as the Quest. Snoek weighs only 20 kg.

Snoek is driven solely by forceowner's feet. However, the simple design allows for modern controls: Sturmey Archer drum brakes, a 2 x 11 drivetrain that includes Shimano 105 and SLX Shadow front and rear derailleurs and an 11-36 SRAM cassette.

Velomobile Snoek is able to develop maximumspeed up to 60 km / h. The front wheels are 20 "in diameter and the single rear wheel is 28". Wearer safety is ensured by a removable flexible cover with minimal aerodynamic drag or by a hard Racehood flashlight.

Serial production of the Snoek velomobile will begin in the near future. Currently, Velomobiel has already received orders for the production of 22 velomobiles, the price of which is 10 thousand dollars.