Created the world's largest electric aircraft for passengers

From 17 to 23 June in France passes the air showLe Bourget, during which aircraft manufacturers from different countries demonstrate their new aviation technologies. This year, special attention is paid to electric aircraft, which are capable of carrying passengers over short distances with zero amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Especially distinguished was the Israeli company Eviation, which introduced the world's largest all-electric Alice aircraft with nine seats for passengers.

It is expected that the aircraft will serve shortFlights no longer than 1600 kilometers - electric devices are better suited for this job than regular aircraft. The novelty is equipped with three 260 kW electric motors Siemens, and the pushing propellers will be located on the tail and wings.

The largest aircraft with an electric motor

The length of the aircraft is 12.2 meters and weightreaches 3800 kilograms, with about 60% of this weight accounted for batteries. With all this, the design with a 16-meter wingspan will be able to rise to a height of 700 meters and reach speeds of up to 444 kilometers per hour. Since there is no constantly consumed liquid fuel inside the aircraft, the design does not lose its mass, and better follows its route.

Manufacturer wants to achieve cost reductionflights. According to the company's calculations, thanks to a fully electric aircraft, they will be able to carry passengers for $ 200 an hour. This amount is only 20% of the cost of the flight on a conventional turboprop aircraft.

At the air show, the company showed only the designaircraft, but the first flights are scheduled to take as early as 2019. According to the company's plan, the new product will be certified in 2021, and a year after this event, it will be possible to send it to airports for regional flights.

The largest hybrid aircraft

Eviation Alice already has a strong competitor inthe face of the hybrid passenger aircraft Ampaire 337. True, unlike the Israeli unit created from scratch, it is based on a six-seat Cessna 337 Skymaster and is equipped with both an electric motor and an internal combustion engine. He has already made his first flight and is almost ready for commercial use. You can read about the hybrid aircraft in our material.

Hybrid aircraft Ampaire 337

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