Created the first android with iPhone charging

The world is gradually moving towards universalizationtechnologies. That is, we use everything about the same, constantly changing gadgets. It would be very easy in a world where all gadgets are the same for everyone. And with great utility, of course. But while this is not the case, one can only hope that at least the accessories for them are similar.

But, unfortunately, this is not the case at present. Original chargers are known to be one of the profit points for tech giants. That's why Apple wires break so quickly.

But if we talk about the "Yabloko", then it is thisthe company was the first to release a phone with a Lightning connector - perhaps the most convenient connector. When smartphones from other companies were built at best with micro USB, the fifth model of the phone already sported a newfangled charger that could be charged by either side. Nothing got inside it, it was not contaminated.

But some non-original wires with thisconnector is still not working on the device. However, instead of using charging technology everywhere, companies are building USB-C into their phones.

On the one hand, it is also quite a convenient thing.It appeared a little later than the famous Lightning wire, it has been widely used only for the last 3-4 years. And it would be easier if all phones used one connector at all, but no. Companies need to make money.

However, there are enthusiasts who buildconnector from one phone to another. With the iPhone, such a chip was first pulled last year. Then engineer Ken Pillonell made the first Apple phone with a working USB-C port. Now he's done the opposite, and ended up making an Abdroid-based phone with a working Lightning.

At the same time, the engineer claims that this is not a prototype.for sale, but just a fun project that is made to "balance the ongoing chaos" that his previous prototype introduced. Released Pillonel phone for April Fool's Day.

However, assembling the gadget was no joke. At least because the port is fully functional - it charges and receives data.
“[It] was a complex modification thatrequired some out-of-the-box thinking,” Pillonel commented on his “creation”. The hardest part, he says, was figuring out how it all actually works together.

The thing is that wires from Apple charge devices only from this company. Therefore, the cable had to be "forced" to think that it was a phone from the company.

"I would say it was easier to do thanFirst USB-C iPhone, for two reasons First, I'm getting better at this because I learn something new every day, so hopefully I can finish my mods faster in the future. Secondly, the quality of the finished product is far from what the iPhone had,” says the engineer.
It is sure that android devices with a port fromApple devices are not so convenient. And besides, who in their right mind would want such a modification? The modifier explicitly says that he did it just for fun and to see if he can do it at all.

In the future, he plans to simply keep the phone himself. That's because the last time he tried to sell a Type-C iPhone, his eBay listing got $100,000 in fake bids.