Created the fastest rapid coronavirus test

The rapid spread of the pandemiccoronavirus requires an adequate response from the medicine. First of all, scientists are striving to improve the virus diagnostic system, which allows timely isolation of the patient and prevent the further spread of the disease. The NanoBio laboratory at the Agency for Science, Technology and Research of Singapore has created the fastest coronavirus test to date, which can detect a disease in 5-10 minutes.

Currently, the test is undergoing mandatory certification with regulatory authorities, which will take about 30 days, after which the test systems will be distributed to medical institutions.

To conduct an express test, obtaining is requiredsmear with human secretions. Then the sample is placed in a compact device, in which the testing process takes place. Tests conducted in hospitals in Singapore showed high accuracy and sensitivity of test systems. Previously, experts suggested that in the near future tests will not be created to check for coronavirus at home.

Source: straitstimes