Created solar panels with an efficiency of about 50% (2 photos)

Electricity production usingRenewable energy sources are becoming increasingly popular for modern energy. Solving the problem of economic efficiency will allow bringing energy to a qualitatively new technological level, reducing the cost of produced electricity and increasing the operating time of power plants. The latest developments of American researchers have allowed to come close to the efficiency of electricity generation at the level of 50%.

The study was conducted at the National Laboratoryrenewable energy (USA). Scientists and engineers created a solar cell with an efficiency of 47.1%, a record high at the current level of technology development.

The created device was called "solarElement III-V with six contacts. " The name itself indicates the main principle that allowed achieving high performance indicators of the device - the element received immediately six types of photoactive layer consisting of various materials. When creating the panel, the thickness of which is less than a human hair, almost 140 layers were used.

Highest energy efficiency was achieved with143 times the brightness of the standard sunlight. This brightness can be achieved by focusing the light. Under standard conditions, the efficiency of the panels is 39.2%.

Research has also createdcalled a tandem solar cell, consisting of two photoactive layers. One layer is based on perovskite, which allows to capture the visible spectrum of light. The second layer is composed of copper, indium, gallium and selenium, and
was called CIGS. This material allows you to capture the infrared spectrum of sunlight. Effective contact between the layers is provided by a layer of rubidium atoms. The effectiveness of such panels is 24.16%. The main advantage of tandem panels is their flexibility and low weight, which allows you to create solar panels for spacecraft.

Source: Newatlas