Created software for hacking any smartphone and cloud storage (3 photos)

Israeli cyber security company NSOGroup has developed spyware that can retrieve data from Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft servers. Pegasus's proprietary malware for smartphones from the NSO Group not only collects data stored on the device, but also any information stored in the cloud, including user location data, archived messages, and photos.

NSO group that previously installed malwareSoftware in WhatsApp, denies that it sells software that can collect data in the cloud. According to the company, Pegasus software is designed to resist crime and terrorists who use encryption to plan and conceal crimes.

Pegasus's principle of operation is based on copyingauthentication keys for Google Drive, Facebook Messenger, iCloud after software installation on the device. Then a device clone is created via a remote server, which also copies the user's location. The manual NSO declare that the sale of software is carried out only by proven government agencies and is designed to combat crime and terrorism.