Created material that repeats the main feature of human muscles

What happens to the iron robot if it goesto the gym? It will definitely not become stronger, because its metal parts will quickly wear out and after a few visits the construction will simply fall apart. People in this regard are much more fortunate - the muscles are arranged in such a way that their destroyed tissues are replaced by new, more durable fibers. Scientists have so far failed to create material identical to human muscles, but Japanese researchers seem to have made a strong breakthrough in this matter.

The maximum that scientists could achieve iscreate materials capable of self-healing. They could not create stronger compounds until a group of scientists from Hokkaido University under the guidance of Professor Jianping Gong was engaged in the development. They created a structure that, in theory, can be as durable as the fabric of the heart. Recall that the heart is able to beat non-stop at a speed of about 72 beats per minute for more than one century.

The basis for the new material was hydrogel,simultaneously consisting of rigid and elastic components. Like other hydrogels, the new material is 85% liquid - it contains monomers that can form molecules of both components. In fact, they perform the same function as amino acids in living tissue.

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As scientists supposed, when stretching suchMaterial rigid polymers immediately begin to break down. At the end of the broken polymer chains, chemical particles called mechano radicals arise, quickly combining with the floating monomers and forming new, more durable polymer chains. After several stretches, the strength of the material increased by one and a half times, the rigidity increased by 23 times, and the weight increased by 86%.

According to project manager Jianping Gong, theirthe discovery will lead to the creation of new materials with an excellent ratio of flexibility and strength. They, in turn, will be able to become part of exoskeletons and be useful in restoring the muscles lost by people.

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