Created fabric generating energy for mobile devices

Charging wearable gadgets is one ofactual problems for the modern user. Scientists are constantly looking for ways and means to increase the autonomy of electronic devices, offering original options for generating energy. A team from the University of Malaga (Spain) created a prototype T-shirt that can generate electricity using the difference in human body temperature and the environment.

Using thermoelectric propertiesmaterial previously was possible only with the use of materials such as tellurium, lead and germanium. However, scientists from Malaga, together with the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa (IIT), created a special kind of fabric consisting of water, ethanol (obtained from the skin of tomatoes) and carbon nanoparticles. This mixture becomes plastic when heated and sticks to the cotton base. As a result, the fabric acquires thermoelectric properties.

Developer plans include creating devices,embedded in fabric. On the basis of the material obtained, it is planned to create clothing that reflects light, or that can recharge wearable electronic devices. Also, the possibility of using thermoelectric tissue when creating "flexible" robots in biomedicine is not ruled out.