Created dress with adjustable transparency. Men will appreciate! (video)

Electrochromic film, which for the first time on the marketreleased the company DM Display, quickly found its use among car owners and users of residential and non-residential premises. With the help of new items you can adjust the flow of light that falls through the glass inside the car or rooms. But the Chinese craftsmen went further and created a provocative dress with adjustable transparency.

See what is hidden under the material of the femaleclothes, you can without persuasion to remove the dress. No need to use hidden methods when the camera of the mobile device is directed under the hem. It is enough to equip with a special control panel, with the help of which the transparency of an exotic dress is controlled. And if the partner likes the lady, she herself would not mind “lifting the veil of secrecy.”

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If the novelty will be in demand amongit may turn out that buyers will soon be walking on the streets not only in similar dresses, but also in other wardrobe items. The main thing is that experiments with transparency do not turn into shocking antics.