Created artificial pork. Another victory for the food industry

Over the past few days, news about creatingThis or that type of artificial meat simply goes on endlessly. We have already told you about the success of companies producing artificial beef and chicken. And now the time has come to tell that the company from Malaysia has developed a technology for producing artificial pork. At the same time they use a very interesting set of components.

Who came up with artificial pork

While Western companiesPhuture Foods in Malaysia focused on the development of beef and chicken counterparts to develop an artificial pork production technology. And this is not by chance, because in the Asian region it is pork that is most popular in cooking. It is not surprising that it was here that the first startup appeared, which started producing an analogue of pork from vegetable raw materials.

How to create artificial pork

The production technology in Phuture Foods so farthey refuse to bring the public to the court, but company representatives said that wheat, shiitake mushrooms and mung beans are used to imitate the taste and texture of pork. Wheat and mushrooms act as a kind of "frame" of meat products, while beans are a source of protein and give the artificial meat a texture similar to real pork.

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Why produce artificial pork

The main goal of Phuture Foods is not onlycare for animals, but also the problem of ecology. Due to the increased amount of consumed meat products, the amount of pollutants from farms and pork production plants has increased several times.

Where to buy artificial pork

A new product, according to Phuture Foods,should be commensurate with the price of ordinary pig meat. But in order to interest the end user, artificial pork should be much cheaper than usual. After all, in the end, buyers “vote with a ruble”, and at the same price, consumers will always choose a natural product.

Entry into the Asian market should take place inthe coming months. Hong Kong and Singapore were chosen as test sites. At the same time, Phuture Foods say that thanks to 100% plant origin, both vegetarians and people who do not eat it for religious reasons can use artificial pork.

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