Created artificial leaves for effective air purification

Since 2011, scientists from different parts of the worldtried to create artificial leaves that can clean the air and even produce fuel. All this time, the prototypes they created could only work in the laboratory, and their functioning on the street was out of the question. Surprisingly, researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago suddenly announced that the version of the artificial leaves they had created was capable of turning carbon dioxide into oxygen, even outside the laboratory.

According to the author of the study, Minesha Singh,previous versions of the leaves were able to generate oxygen, electricity and liquid fuels only from carbon dioxide stored in pressurized tanks. They simply didn’t have enough strength to absorb carbon dioxide from more dilute sources like street air.

It turned out that solving this problem was verysimply. The researchers simply took and placed the current version of the artificial leaf in a water-filled ammonium resin capsule. The idea is that under the influence of the sun, moisture begins to slowly evaporate through tiny pores. Carbon dioxide instantly takes its place, which is converted into carbon monoxide by photosynthesis. It is he who eventually becomes the raw material for creating fuel or synthesizing oxygen and releasing it to the outside for air purification.

According to researchers, artificial leavespurify the air 10 times better than live plants. If you make one small tree out of 360 leaves 170 cm long and 20 cm wide, it will be able to draw in 10% carbon dioxide within a radius of 100 meters. It is believed that to create many such leaves will be easy - the concept of researchers is made from the most accessible materials.

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