Created artificial intelligence, the main purpose of which is to argue the person

In a dispute, as is known, truth is born. But this happens only if the parties agree with each other's arguments, without turning the dialogue into a farce. And if in a dispute between people emotions can prevail, then emotions are alien to machines. More interesting is the fact that in the United States in San Francisco not so long ago the first dispute between man and AI took place. And the latter, defending his position, relied on the facts and gave various arguments.

The new AI has been developed by IBM since 2011 andbears the talking title Project Debater. And, interestingly, for the past 5 years, the Project Debater only debated with other AI, and only entered into a skirmish with a person in 2016. As stated by one of the project leaders and a member of IBM Research, Noam Slonim,

“When in the course of discussions that oranother topic, artificial intelligence, scans vast amounts of scientific articles and media data for the presence of suitable assumptions and arguments that will help support his point of view and the discussion itself as a whole. ”

During debates in San Francisco, an AI opponentwas made by Israeli presenter Dan Zafir. The topic of discussion was the following: “Should the state allocate space exploration and telemedicine subsidies?” Project Debater quoted a number of sources: from the words of the UAE Sheikh (United Arab Emirates) to the official statistics of the German Ministry of Economics. The AI ​​also raised issues related to the availability of jobs in the areas under discussion. Observers who watched the process decided that in one of the rounds of the debate, the AI ​​beat the man. However, the AI ​​for the debate is still imperfect. For example, according to eyewitnesses, he sometimes gave completely incoherent arguments and never quoted an opponent during a dispute, which in this debate often brings a positive result.

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