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Created antibacterial bedding

If in childhood you were afraid of the famous“Bedside” monster, then in adulthood you probably should be more afraid of “monsters” not under the bed, but on it. Every day, a person “shares his bed” with 350 thousand bacterial colonies and 100 thousand spores of fungi. Such frightening results of a recent study prompted scientists to create a special antibacterial tissue, which is currently on sale and may interest everyone who is worried about their physical and psychological health.

As the manufacturer assures, antibacterial tissue must be washed three times less than traditional

How many bacteria live in a person’s bed?

In our pillows, sheets and towels alwaysthere are various types of spores of fungi, bacteria, particles of the skin and the remnants of household chemicals. All of them can cause allergic reactions, rashes, coughing and runny nose “unknown causes”. The most popular resident in our bed is a dust mite, which prefers our pillows, mattresses and blankets, because they have all the necessary conditions for living: air, dead particles of human skin, which they use as food, and dust. Even despite the weekly wash, the number of bacteria on the bedding is not significantly reduced, since the person brings them again and again on his body.

According to an article published on, scientists were able to successfully circumvent this problem, as they created special antibacterial bedding.

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The secret of fabric is to weave threads withsilver, which can destroy the vast majority of bacteria. Miracle already uses this technology to make bedding and assures that the tissue can kill up to 99% of pathogenic bacteria.

Bacteria on bedding can trigger the development of various chronic diseases.

Since the fabric contains silver, whichSince it has bactericidal properties, this allows it to remain clean for a longer time and not have a smell. In addition, one of its main features is a breathable structure that provides protection against increased tissue moisture. The company producing these products has already put it up for sale at a price of $ 169 (10,790 rubles) per set.

It is worth noting that bedding consists ofcotton fibers into which silver ions are intertwined. Since silver has a positive charge, and the various bacteria that live in our beds are negative, bacteria are simply attracted to silver, and their shell is destroyed. Thus, the fabric stays clean for a longer time. According to the manufacturer, a fabric with silver weaves is indistinguishable from ordinary cotton fabric in terms of stiffness, and therefore will not cause discomfort with active use.

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Be that as it may, the fabric has its drawbacks. So, for example, in addition to the cost of “silver” bedding, after a certain number of washings, the fabric loses its properties by washing out the ions of the protective substance already mentioned above. Also, bedding should not be used by people who have allergic skin reactions when interacting with silver.