Created a wheelchair for the conquest of off-road mobile people (5 photos + video)

According to the Polish engineer Jack Skopinski,people who are wheelchair bound do not have to give up off-road walks. For them, the inventor has created the transport system EV4 Mountain Cart, which allows people with disabilities to move in places where there is no road.

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The user becomes the platform operator,resembling a quad bike. It is designed for active walks on the slopes with grass and roads with soil. Real off-road for the EV4 Mountain Cart is not yet available. On the rear wheels there are electric motors with power up to 1000 W, powered by a 36 V / 23 Ah battery. A full charge is enough to walk 50–80 kilometers for 3-4 hours. The maximum speed - 40 kilometers per hour.

Wheels - powerful, with hydraulic braking,with a diameter of 20 inches and tires 20h2.125 from Kenda. On each rack of the chassis there is a bicycle shock-absorber. Data on systems are displayed. There is a seat belt. The device can withstand weight up to 130 kilograms. No rain protection yet.

EV4 Mountain Cart is ready for retail. The cost of new items starts at $ 5,285.