Created a unique refrigerator without refrigerants (2 photos)

The actual question of energy conservation and protectionenvironment from harmful substances used in refrigerators, received an unexpected solution. Engineers from Germany designed the original cooling system, based on the use of unique properties of an alloy of nickel and titanium.

An alloy called nitinol has "memoryforms, while the material absorbs (under tension) heat from the environment, and when compressed, heat is radiated. According to information provided by developers, the minimum temperature difference reaches a significant 20 ° C, which allows you to create devices for cooling or refrigerators.

The prototype of the German engineers iscylinder wrapped with nitinol wire twisted into bundles. When the cylinder rotates, the wire is stretched to absorb heat, then the wire, using the “memory effect”, takes on its original shape and produces heat.

The main task of engineers is to create an effectiveblowing the wire to remove cold or warm air. It is important to make an accurate calculation of the diameter of the wire, the cylinder, the number of harnesses and fan parameters. When creating a maximum energy extraction in the laboratory, the developers received a power 30 times greater than the effort to stretch the wire.

Designed in Germany, the installation showedresults 2 times higher than the efficiency of the heat pump and 3 times the traditional refrigerator. In this case, the system does not use toxic refrigerant, there is no need to create a system of heat exchangers. Nitonol is highly resistant to cyclic loads, which will allow the installation to be used for a long time. What is the cost of development is not specified.