Created a small robot capable of cleaning the oceans of debris

The company IADYS, which develops innovative robotic devices with artificial intelligence, introduced a robot called Jellyfishbot.

The device is able to quickly clean the surfaceany body of water (even the ocean) from a variety of garbage. For these purposes, the robot has several nozzles and modes of operation, as well as a special mesh into which garbage will be collected. In the future, it must be cordoned off and sent for recycling.

Jellyfishbot itself works autonomously. If desired, the device operator can enable remote management.

The cleaning area is set manually, the robot itselfable to maneuver and avoid obstacles thanks to multiple propellers. Also, when hitting the corner of the pier or fixing an insurmountable obstacle, the device can rebuild its route itself.

The Jellyfishbot runs up to 8 hours and the mesh will hold up to 20 gallons of waste.

According to the creators, the device is capable ofwork at night, which is even more preferable than during the day. The reason is the lower density of living creatures and ships in the evening and at night. This will allow Jellyfishbot to work faster without rebuilding the route due to external factors.