Created a robot pilot capable of controlling any aircraft

Today, almost any technique is capable ofwork without human intervention. Just look around and you will surely see your automatic washing machine, a smart crock-pot and a computer - have you noticed that it installs updates without your participation? But let's talk about a more serious technique, namely unmanned aircraft. They cost millions of dollars, but recently the American company DZYNE Technologies has come up with how to make autonomous almost any aircraft existing today. Agree, because equipping an airplane with an autopilot is much cheaper than assembling a completely new device?

Aircraft with ROBOpilot installed

Autonomous planes are usually built from scratch.and technically very different from conventional aircraft. Take, for example, the Boeing unmanned fighter, which is able to independently overcome 3700 kilometers, simultaneously conducting reconnaissance of the territory. The developers do not talk about it openly, but it is clear that the autopilot system is closely connected with the entire structure of the aircraft. This means that if desired, a Boeing unmanned aircraft cannot be turned into a manned one.

Unmanned Aircraft with a Robot Pilot

To turn any aircraft into autonomous andon the contrary, DZYNE Technologies developed a robot called ROBOpilot. He is able to take control of any aircraft in his own hands in the literal sense of the word. To do this, you just need to remove the pilot’s seat from the airplane, install a robot instead and put his arms and legs on the steering wheel and pedals. The robot sees the control panel using a computer vision system and takes off, adheres to a given route and lands without any help from people.

Cockpit with ROBOpilot installed

About all of these features, at leastcompany representatives report. It is known that on August 9, the ROBOpilot successfully passed the tests of the US Federal Aviation Administration. A few weeks after this event, he underwent yet another test, during which he made a mistake, but what it was and how serious it was is still unknown. It sounds very interesting, but it looks absolutely amazing - the video of the first flight of ROBOpilot can be seen below. Be sure to share your impressions in our Telegram chat, because we are waiting for this!

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How much such a robot will cost is still unknown. But installing a robot in an existing aircraft is clearly cheaper than creating an autonomous device from scratch. Earlier, the military had already learned to equip F-16 fighters with autopilot, and this cost them a million dollars. But it is worth considering that the installation of an autopilot implies careful work on connecting different parts of the device with a computer, and in the case of ROBOpilot, you just need to put the robot in the cockpit.

You can make unmanned not only a plane, but also any car

In fact, such pilot robots are alreadyexist. One of them is ALIAS (Aircrew Labor In-Cockpit Automation System), developed by the US Department of Defense. In 2016, he successfully coped with the control of the Cessna Caravan, however, he must have a real pilot when working in the cabin. And all because the ALIAS robot is just an assistant, not a full-fledged pilot. It seems the ROBOpilot system is much better than the development of the US Department of Defense, what do you think?