Created a perfect blanket, under which couples stop quarreling (4 photos + video)

The creative development team seems to be able tosolve the problem of many couples sharing one joint blanket. Ervet, at first glance, is a familiar blanket to us. But there is a secret hidden in it: it is worthwhile for one partner to pull him towards himself, and it will split in half.

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The fact is that in the middle of the novelty is providedseam along the entire length. It rests on magnets, strong enough, until someone starts to dramatically pull the blanket over himself, trying to roll back to his half of the bed or carefully wrapping himself in it.

Technology helps to solve simultaneouslyseveral problems. Many people turn around so much at bedtime that it can be very hard to sleep together under one blanket. In addition, temperatures that are comfortable for different people can be significantly different. Such partners will also be relevant to unfasten their halves of the blanket. And to argue about where whose half is not necessary.

The cost of new items - 99 dollars. The project was successfully financed at the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. Deliver blankets on pre-orders will begin in June of this year. In stores, the useful subject of family life will be sold already for $ 199.