Created a laser to identify people by heartbeat

All currently existing systemsPersonal identification is based on the unique properties of people, such as fingerprints, face, and even gait. However, few people know that besides all this, a person’s personality can be determined by his heartbeat - each stroke is reflected on the body by vibrations, which are different for each person. It is this distinctive feature of the people used by the US military to create a laser that recognizes a person at a distance of 200 meters with an accuracy of 95%.

The United States military preferred identificationheartbeat, as during the anti-terrorist operations, it is extremely necessary for them to accurately determine the target, and it is almost impossible to do so by face and gait, under such conditions. The new identification system was called Jetson, and when it was created, the developers used already existing instruments to monitor and record the frequency of various vibrations - the vibrometers.

Identify people by heartbeat

They are able to catch the vibrations of the human body ondistance up to 200 meters with the help of a laser - even clothes are not a hindrance for her, unless, of course, we are not talking about a thick and heavy winter jacket. To collect identification data, the device lasts only 30 seconds, but on condition that the object is standing or sitting motionless.

According to Steward Rimalee, a department employeePentagon’s anti-terrorism operations, the Jetson's working distance can be increased in the same way as recognition accuracy. In the future, this technology can be used not only for military purposes - for example, doctors will be able to diagnose arrhythmia at a distance.

It is noteworthy that the US Air Force has alreadyThere is a similar technology called VIBE. It is not capable of identifying the personalities of people, but it works with technology — to determine what type of engine this or that machine is equipped with, a special algorithm uses data about the vibrations of the vehicle body.

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