Created a bracelet that predicts attacks of anger

Autism is a fairly common diseasefrom which each of 160 children worldwide suffers. This disorder occurs due to disturbances in the development of the brain and is mainly characterized by the silence of the child and the desire to streamline objects. As a rule, signs of autism occur in childhood and persist in adulthood, and often attacks of aggression occur throughout people. Their cause is constant stress, but the exact consequences are not yet known to scientists. Nevertheless, they are trying to prevent them and have recently created a device that can predict an attack a minute before it starts.

Autism is more common in boys than in girls

The device is a hand-worna bracelet equipped with a wide variety of sensors. According to the creators, the built-in electronics constantly monitors four indicators: body temperature, heart rate, profuse sweating and hand movements. The bracelet monitors these indicators because during the examination of the body of 20 people with autism during aggression, they noticed that the patient had a fever, a faster pulse and increased sweating. Of course, aggression is accompanied by an active movement of the hands.

How to get rid of aggression?

Perhaps this approach may seem to someonestrange and ineffective - can a sudden emotional outburst of a person be predicted with the help of some kind of bracelet? According to the creators, the accuracy of the attack prediction reaches 84%, which is quite an amazing result. True, it takes a whole minute to determine the approaching aggression, and this is not enough to take any measures to prevent an attack.

Bracelet to predict anger attacks

In this regard, the creators of the bracelet want to speed upand clarify the prediction of seizures. To do this, they will conduct an additional study involving 240 people with autism. When it will be held and how long it will take to create a new version of the bracelet, no one can say, therefore, the release date of the device for sale is also unknown.

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Causes of Autism

Autism is considered a complex nervous disorderhuman systems, so he does not have one single cause of occurrence. One of the possible reasons may be heredity - if autistic disorders were observed in one of the parents, it can also occur in a child. Also, disorders in the development of the brain can provoke various infections that the mother picks up during pregnancy.

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Some people think autism mayarise even due to vaccinations. This version came about in 1998 when Professor Andrew Wakefield found a correlation between measles, mumps and rubella vaccination and the onset of childhood autism. Subsequently, this version was rejected by the medical community, but the rumors did their job - because of the fear of childhood autism, many people do not give their children vital vaccinations.