Counter-Strike shooter is available for a free game in the browser

One of the most popular gamers in the worldthe action-packed shooter Counter-Strike, which won the love of players in the late 90s of the last century, becomes widely available to all users of personal computers. Now, the Counter-Strike 1.6 shooter favorite by many players can be installed directly in the browser without installing the game client.

Players from the last century and gaming youthwill be able to participate in the game events of the Counter-Strike universe, which has grown as a modification of the Half-Life game and has had a significant impact on the ultra-fast shooter industry. In 2019, the game created as a custom mod turned 20 years old. This event was noted by the developers from the CS-Online.Club project, who released the browser version of Counter-Strike 1.6.

Now gray-haired players can for free and withoutadditional registration directly in the browser to take part in online battles. When you first enter the game, the computer will receive the files necessary for the game to disk. Then the game becomes available in missions with random partners.

Paid in the service is a game rental serviceServer, allowing you to combine in Counter-Strike 1.6 selected friends. There is also monetization through the game currency Gold and premium accounts with unlimited rounds and a double multiplier of cash-points of the loyalty program, used for customization using skins, as well as for various preferential programs available in the game store. Developers from CS-Online.Club promise in the near future the introduction of a clan battle mode.

Source: cs-online