Could dark matter be older than the Big Bang?

Dark matter eludes astrophysicists alreadyquite a long time ago. A Dutch astronomer named Jacobus Kaptien first spoke of its existence in the 1920s. The famous radio astronomer Jan Oort later reinforced the hypothesis of the existence of dark matter in the early 1930s, when he discovered that there must be more mass than is observed to make the group of Local galaxies move, as this happens. And already in August 2006, NASA found direct evidence of the existence of the biggest mystery in the Universe - dark matter. According to a recent study, dark matter existed before the Big Bang. But how is this possible?

It is believed that before the Big Bang there was nothing

How do we know that dark matter exists?

Dark matter does not lend itself directlyobservation, but its existence is due to strange gravitational effects that it has on matter and the distribution of space. It is estimated that dark matter accounts for approximately 80% of the total amount of matter in our universe. At the same time, we know almost nothing about her. A mystery becomes even more incomprehensible when dark energy joins dark matter. Our Universe consists of 27% dark matter, 68% dark energy, and only 5% is ordinary matter. And yes, all our knowledge of the Universe is based precisely on these 5%.

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Today, researchers from John UniversityHopkins are trying to figure out the origin of dark matter. In their recently published study, they shared a new idea about how dark matter was born. According to one of the authors of the study, Tommy Tenkanen, the work of scientists has revealed a new connection between elementary particle physics and astronomy.

The universe is expanding continuously after the big bang

Perhaps dark matter is made up of particles,existed before the big bang. These particles explain the extraordinary distribution of galaxies across the cosmos right now. In addition, Tenkanen explained that this newly discovered compound could be used to study the conditions preceding the Big Bang. Until now, researchers believed that dark matter is the remnant of the Big Bang. However, experimental searches have so far failed to find these particles.

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When did dark matter appear?

To date, only one has been discovered.of potentially existing particles, the Higgs boson. Researchers claim that we still do not know what dark matter is, but if it has anything to do with the so-called scalar particles - elementary particles that formed during inflation, dark matter may be older than the Big Bang.

Perhaps the Big Bang did not spawn dark matter

Dark matter formation before the Big BangIn itself, is not a new idea. However, this idea was never supported by mathematical calculations, so this study is currently one of a kind. Tenkanen commented that scientists are losing sight of the simplest mathematical scenario for the origin of dark matter. The study is published in the journal Physical Review Letters.