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Could Cro-Magnons arrange genocide of Neanderthals?

300 thousand years ago nine walked the earth at oncedifferent human species, anatomically adapted to live in certain climatic conditions. The species closest to modern humans, descended from Cro-Magnons, is considered Homo neanderthalensis, the DNA particles of which are still carried by almost every modern European. It is known that Neanderthals were stocky hunters adapted to live in the cold European steppes, but despite all their skills, Neanderthals unexpectedly mysteriously disappeared for unknown reasons. Similarly, Denisovans, representatives of Homo Erectus and Homo rhodesiensis, who lived in Indonesia and Central Africa, respectively, as well as several undersized species, such as Homo naledi, Homo luzonensis and Homo floresiensis, disappeared from the face of the Earth. Researchers believe that the almost simultaneous extinction of all these species may indicate genocide on the part of the only surviving species - Cro-Magnons, the ancestors of modern man.

About 40,000 years ago, Neanderthals mysteriously disappeared from the face of the Earth. Can Cro-Magnons be held accountable for this?

Why did the Neanderthals die out?

When the last disappeared about 10,000 years agorepresentatives of human species other than Cro-Magnons, the mass character of this event began to resemble global extinction. At the same time, researchers believe that at that time there were no obvious environmental disasters in the form of volcanic eruptions, dramatic climate change or collisions of our planet with asteroids. Instead of all this, extinction suggests that it was caused by the spread of a new species that evolved 260,000-350,000 years ago in South Africa - the species Homo sapiens.

Florentine man - one of the extinct species of man

According to the portal, the massive spread of modern humans from Africa led to the sixth mass extinction - an event affecting the millennium, which began with the extinction of mammals of the ice age and continues to this day. But could other species be our first victims?

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Man is an extremely dangerous species. It was we who hunted the woolly mammoths and terrestrial sloths until their complete disappearance, it was we who destroyed the forests for farming, changing more than half of our planet. Being the most dangerous species for other human civilizations, we constantly compete for resources and land. History is full of examples of how people fought among themselves, crowding out and destroying other groups, from the conquest of Corfagen to the mass genocide of fascist Germany.

Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon

Along with language or using tools,Genocide addiction is perhaps an integral, instinctive part of human nature. There is no reason to believe that the early Homo sapiens were less violent and less intolerant than its modern representatives, although in many paintings the culture of the early hunter-gatherers is portrayed as exceptionally peaceful and noble. Many studies have been confirmed by the fact that the war in primitive culture was even more pervasive and deadly. In addition, it is highly unlikely that other human species were much more peaceful than the representatives of the genus Homo Sapiens already mentioned above. So, the skeletons of Neanderthals demonstrate injuries characteristic of military operations. Homo Sapiens sophisticated weapons gave a certain military advantage, including various types of throwing weapons, spears and clubs. In addition, conducting culture has helped us significantly increase our numbers and become a truly dominant species on the planet, and the ability to collaborate and plan, manipulate and deceive has become our most important weapon.

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Modern anthropologists believe that extinctionNeanderthals were not a one-time occurrence. In order to completely disappear from the face of the Earth, the ancient species took several thousand years. Such a long indicator suggests that in order to be able to stay in competition with Homo Sapiens, Neanderthals must have had an intelligence level close to our own.