Cosplayer recreated Spiderman mask with movable lenses (video)

In late June, released a new film about the famousSuperhero - Spiderman: Away from Home. Against the background of the dramatically increased popularity of the character, Cavin Creations also emerged. This cosplayer from Hong Kong independently made a mask of the beloved hero. And not a simple balaclava, but a complex gadget, supplemented by movable lenses.

The author managed to embody a unique system. A complex of devices based on motion-sensors monitors the position of the eyes of a person who has put on a suit. These movements are simulated accordingly by lenses.

Done! Final Version! Mechanical lenses with sensor control system!
I will call it “Billy” which is “Be IncrediblyLimitless Like You ”!! The “you” is referring to all my supporters! Without your support I won’t be able to build this! Thank you so much! @ TomHolland1996

- Cavin Creations (@CavinCreations) July 7, 2019

There are already presentations on the net that show howeverything works in reality. By the same live demonstration Cavin Creations prepared quite seriously. To date, the engineer and cosplayer managed to create four copies of the mask. Buy any of them for 490 dollars.

Source: Cavin Creations