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Cosmetics lovers are more likely to have obese children

Scientists have long known that usedwomen during pregnancy, foods can affect the health of the baby. For example, it is not recommended to consume coffee during gestation, because in some cases it can be so harmful that it can lead to a miscarriage. But did you know that even some cosmetics can harm a child? For example, parabens contained in cosmetics can affect female sex hormones and affect the baby’s health. German scientists recently conducted a study in which it was found that cosmetics with parabens increase the risk of obesity in children. But how did they know that?

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The results of the study werepublished in the scientific journal Nature Communications. Scientists already knew about the potential dangers of parabens used in cosmetics. In particular, in the course of several studies, a relationship was found between the use of paraben-containing agents and the development of breast cancer. But the researchers also wondered - can these preservatives somehow affect the health of babies?

The danger of cosmetics during pregnancy

To find out, scientists examined the data,collected in a cohort study involving 629 pairs of women and children. At about 34 weeks of gestation, women filled out a questionnaire that indicated which cosmetics they had used during gestation and passed urine tests. In the future, scientists monitored the body weight of their children after birth and during subsequent years of life.

Cohort study - This is a scientific work designed to study the prevalence of the disease and its causes.

It turned out that in organisms regularlyWomen who use cosmetics with parabens also contain other preservatives like butyl paraben. Children of these mothers were eight years old overweight. It is noteworthy that girls, rather than boys, were more prone to obesity. In women who did not use cosmetics during pregnancy, children did not suffer from such problems.

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For the purity of the research results, scientistsconducted an experiment on mice. The same concentrations of butyl paraben that were found in the mothers of obese children were introduced into the organisms of pregnant individuals. As expected by the authors of the scientific work, the pups of mice exposed to preservatives were also fatter than the cubs of rodents from the control group. Moreover, the researchers noticed that the mice ate more, based on which it was suggested that preservatives somehow affect their appetite.

Cosmetics used by mothers can harm children's health

The results of the study wereanalyzed by Mount Sinai at the New York Medical Center, Dr. Eva Tanner. She concluded that cosmetics can really affect the development of children. Therefore, in order to avoid problems, she advised mothers to refrain from using cosmetics during pregnancy. At a minimum, women are better off with paraben-containing products.

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Fortunately, this type of preservative lingers in the body for a short time. Therefore, abandoning cosmetics is never too late.