Corsair K83 - wireless keyboard with touchpad and joystick (7 photos)

Corsair has introduced a new wirelesskeyboard K83 Wireless Entertainment Keyboard. The device was designed specifically for use in the living room. The novelty can be used with media centers, gaming computers and smart TVs.

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The gadget has low profile buttons,highlighted in white. Function keys allow you to control the multimedia player, as well as quickly execute the most popular commands. The digital unit was replaced with a 2-button touchpad. It allows the system to simulate the mouse, that is, to do without such a convenient device. A joystick was placed above it, as well as a volume control roller. Moreover, if you click on it, you can quickly muffle the sound.

There are 3 ways to connect new items: USB wired connection; Bluetooth 4.2 wireless connection; and a small transceiver with USB interface. Powered device from the battery. Its charge should be enough for 18 hours of operation with a weak backlight or 40 hours without backlight.

The keyboard weighs 0.48 kilograms, its dimensions are 381 x 125 x 28 mm. The battery can be recharged via the USB port. Corsair K83 Wireless Entertainment Keyboard will cost 100 US dollars.