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Corporate Yandex Messenger received support for discussion threads. What is it and why is it needed?

A package of Western sanctions adopted back in the veryat the beginning of 2022, led to the fact that dozens of international brands left the Russian market almost overnight. MasterCard, Visa, Netflix, Spotify - almost everyone has heard about their demarche. Another thing - Slack. Most likely, the majority, in principle, will not be able to answer what it is, let alone become interested in the topic of his presence in Russia. Meanwhile, it is the most popular corporate messenger, which is used in many large and notvery large companies. Or rather, it was used, because now it has become much more difficult with this. At least in Russia. But what can replace it? Try Yandex Messenger, which just got thread support.

Yandex Messenger received support for discussion threads


  • 1 What are messengers
  • 2 Yandex corporate messenger
  • 3 Yandex 360 subscription - what is included
  • 4 Yandex 360 for business - tariffs

What are the messengers

One of differences between corporate messengers from consumer, in addition, of course,positioning, is the ability to conduct multiple discussions even within the same chat without the need to create separate ones. This is convenient when the same project is commented on by employees of different departments, whose work does not overlap at all or almost: marketers, developers, testers, PR people.

If they communicate in one branch, a constructive dialogue will turn into a dump.Employees of one department will be distracted by the messages of colleagues from another, and they will spend corny more time searching for the right comments. And if you force them to create separate chats, then they will not be able to quickly switch between different discussions, if it still turns out to be necessary. Now there is such an opportunity in Yandex Messenger.

Yandex corporate messenger

Yandex Messenger works both as a consumer messaging service and as a corporate one

Yandex Messenger is an important toolcorporate communications in many large companies, so threads are a must. The ability to communicate in separate threads on a specific topic without distracting other colleagues allows you to save time and quickly resolve point issues in a chat or channel,” said Vladimir Rusinov, CEO of Yandex 360.

Yandex Messenger

Thanks to the emergence of threads, corporate users will be able to have multiple discussions within the same chat by sending your commentson different topics in the appropriate chains, as well as quickly switch between them without falling out of context. The branches themselves are not formed situationally. The chat administrator is responsible for their creation, who is based on the work needs of his subordinates. Therefore, in one project there can be 2 comment threads, in another - 5, and in the third - all 10 and even more.

Yandex 360 subscription - what's included

Yandex Messenger in the corporate version is available only after purchasing a paid Yandex 360 subscription

Yandex Messenger is a universal communication tool thatat the same time it can be both corporate and consumer, or, more simply, user. It all depends on the chosen tariff. To turn it into a tool for professional communication, you need to connect the tariff Yandex 360 for business. It includes support for threads, which is not in the basic version for ordinary users. However, he is not limited to this.

Yandex 360 offers a range of benefits:

  • From 100 GB to 3 TB of Disk space for each employee;
  • From 1,500 to 100,000 mailings;
  • Video meetings and broadcasts without time limits;
  • Lack of advertising;
  • Single sign-on (optional);
  • Secure archive of work letters (optional);
  • Connecting your domain;
  • Unlimited auto-download from your phone.

Yandex 360 for business - tariffs

Yandex 360 offers 3 tariffs at different prices with different terms of service

Connect Yandex 360 for business can be found on the official website of the project.In total, 3 tariff plans are provided: Basic (for 249 rubles per month per person), Optimal (for 469 rubles per month per person) and Advanced (for 1399 rubles per month per person). Seems not cheap. But, firstly, Yandex 360 already offers quite a lot of advantages, and, secondly, in the foreseeable future, the developers promise to add even more new features available to subscribers.

Yandex 360 subscription

Discussion threads is not the only thing that defines a good corporate messenger, and Yandex developers clearly understand this.Therefore, right now they are working on new features that will appear in Yandex Messenger over time. For example, tools for managing notifications and navigating through branches. So far, they do not reveal many details about the upcoming innovations, but it is obvious that in the absence of Slack, they will try to make a useful and convenient corporate messenger out of their service.