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Coronavirus: all that we know at the moment

Coronavirus COVID-2019 has become a serious challenge forall of humanity. Oil prices are falling, factories for the production of equipment are suspended. There is a slowdown in the global economy. And all this because of the coronavirus? Yes. There are many different coronaviruses, however, it is COVID-2019 (the virus of the coronavirus family) that is currently the most dangerous, since humanity has not yet developed a vaccine against it, and its spread is surprisingly fast. Currently, scientists have developed several types of vaccines and are engaged in testing them, in the future it will be necessary to test them on animals, and then on humans. The antiviral drug from COVID-2019 will only appear by the middle of 2021 - and this is according to the most optimistic forecasts.

Current map of the distribution of coronavirus COVID-2019

In this article we will try to answer the most popular questions about the coronavirus COVID-2019 and will reveal all the information that is currently known about it.


  • 1 Online counter of coronavirus patients in the world
  • 2 Symptoms of coronavirus
  • 3 How not to get coronavirus?
  • 4 Will the medical mask protect against coronavirus?
  • 5 Will Eurovision be canceled due to coronavirus?
  • 6 Can a child get coronavirus?
  • 7 What you need to know about coronavirus
  • 8 Mortality from coronavirus
  • 9 Why is coronavirus called so?
  • 10 Interesting Facts About Coronavirus
  • 11 Can a cat or dog become infected with a coronavirus?
  • 12 Arbidol helps against coronavirus?
  • 13 Will coronavirus affect product prices?
  • 14 Apple cancels presentation due to coronavirus?

Worldwide Coronavirus Patient Counter

  • The number of cases of coronavirus in the world: 109 974 people
  • The number of patients with coronavirus in Russia: 20 people
  • The number of deaths from coronavirus in the world: 3 828 people
  • The number of people who recovered from coronavirus infection in the world: 61 867 people

On the Internet there are many different counters showingthe number of cases in real time, it must be understood that these counters work on the basis of data published by different countries once a day. It is not possible to accurately estimate the number of patients, perhaps someone is sick at home and thinks he has the flu or is located where he cannot see a doctor. We try to update our counter information once a day.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

  • Difficulty breathing, coughing
  • Temperature rise
  • Malaise, weakness, headache, muscle pain (very strong), chills
  • Decreased appetite, nausea and vomiting
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Diarrhea

Read more in our material - How to distinguish coronavirus from a common cold ?, and also you can read the story about the disease from a real person.

How not to get coronavirus?

Wash your hands, do not visit public places. These are the best tips on how not to get coronovirus.

As with regular viruses, it’s very importantwash hands frequently; try to less often contact people at close range. In addition to washing your hands, use various alcohol-based antiseptics. Use of antibacterial wipes will be useful. In more detail about how to wash your hands and how to make an antiseptic at home, we talked about in our recent article.

In Italy, all antiseptic gels were sold out in pharmacies in a matter of hours, after the announcement of a large number of infected people.

Will the medical mask protect against coronavirus?

Unfortunately, the mask will not help you in the fight against coronovirus. This is what WHO claims.

Unlikely. Most likely there isn’t, because it does not fit tightly to the face, and besides, it does not stop the microparticles of the virus. It is much more effective if the mask is worn by an infected with a coronavirus, and not by someone who wants to protect themselves. But it is best to use a respirator - it fits snugly to the face. The most ineffective respirator is 30% more effective than a regular mask. And even in this case, there is a risk of infection, since no material is able to protect against microparticles of the virus. Read more in our material - The mask will not protect you 100%

Most likely you will not be able to buy a maskor a respirator, and in a gas mask it will simply not be convenient. Do not get close to people, avoid public places and everything will be fine. You should not spend big money on buying masks from resellers.

Will Eurovision be canceled due to coronavirus?

Will the Little Big band defeat the new coronavirus?

More people are currently discussing the topic.cancellation of the Eurovision song contest, at which Little Big will be represented from Russia. In the Netherlands, where the competition will be held, about 200 are already infected. In addition, the virus began to spread widely around the world, the growth rate is only increasing. There is a risk that the epidemic (widespread disease) of the coronavirus will turn into a pandemic, which differs from the epidemic in that it spreads to many countries, and in some cases around the world. Earlier, we wrote material in which we thoroughly compared the epidemic with a pandemic. The WHO Director is not yet ready to declare a pandemic of the coronavirus COVID-2019, but everything is probably going to this.

The Formula 1 stage in Bahrain will be held without fans in the stands, people will be refunded for tickets. And the first stage of MotoGP motorcycle racing was completely canceled. This decision was made by the Qatar authorities.

Can a child get coronavirus?

Why does the virus not “take” children?

The odds are slim. Children under 15 are less susceptible to the new virus for unexplained reasons. Probably their body reacts differently to COVID-2019, so do not worry much about your children. Of course, measures must be taken, because there is a risk of a pandemic.

Learn how to prepare for the coronavirus pandemic in our recent article.

It is worth noting that the virologist Ian Mackay is alreadyNow he recommends starting the preparation of food and medicine supplies, because in the future, when a pandemic will be officially announced, it will be difficult to get the necessary products on the shelves amid the panic. It sounds very apocalyptic, but you have to face the truth .. and this can happen.

What you need to know about coronavirus

Doctors wear special protective suits and respiratory masks that reduce the risk of coronavirus infection.

Coronaviruses are a family of viruses. In total, 37 species are included in it and the most famous and dangerous today is Wuhan COVID-2019, which is usually called the “new coronavirus”. And when today it comes to coronavirus, they mean it. The first reports of COVID-2019 appeared in China on December 31, 2019 in Wuhan, where 12 million people live, and the first clinical manifestations of the virus in patients arose on December 8. The reason for the appearance of the virus is called a snake, which it was transmitted from bats. In China, snakes are sometimes used as food. Recently, we wrote in more detail about the new coronavirus.

Coronavirus mortality

Many people wonder what percentage of deaths fromcoronavirus. At the moment, the highest rate is recorded in Italy - 5%. On average, 3% of patients die from coronavirus in the world. For comparison, mortality from ordinary flu is only 0.1% of the number of cases. It sounds scary, but China was already able to defeat the virus, the number of cases went down, even two hospitals in Wuhan were closed, built specifically for patients with coronovirus.

In search of a “null patient”: scientists are looking for the person with whom the outbreak of coronavirus began

Why is coronavirus called so?

Does it look like little crowns?

Everything is very simple. Spiky processes, which are very similar to small crowns, extend from the outer shell of the virus. The result is a very ominous name, the KING virus or the KING viruses. The “virus with the crown” is now the main thing all media are talking about.

Interesting facts about coronavirus

  • Coronavirus outbreaks significantly reduce airborne emissions
  • There are two types of COVID-2019: more and less aggressive
  • In China, people are allowed (or not allowed) to leave their home mobile application
  • The virus in China almost stopped spreading
  • Italian authorities shut down 14 provinces due to outbreak of coronavirus

Can a cat or dog get coronavirus?

Do not be afraid for your four-legged friends.

Animals can infectcoronavirus, the likelihood that they will give it to a person is close to zero. Earlier in Hong Kong, the first case of coronavirus infection by a dog was recorded. She was quarantined and inspected. The animal had a low infection rate, and there is no evidence that pets can spread the disease. More information about this is available at this link.

Does Arbidol Help Against Coronavirus?

Arbidol - an effective medicine for coronavirus?

Chinese authorities called it a cure for a newcoronavirus. Arbidol was created in the USSR in the 1970s and is an effective tool in the fight against viruses. The drug is included in the list of essential essential drugs (Vital and Essential Drugs). Interestingly, the effectiveness of Arbidol in the treatment of a new coronavirus has not yet been proven. Why then do the Chinese authorities consider it a cure for COVID-2019, and how effective is it?

Do not panic, do not buy Arbidol at inflated prices. There is no evidence that it helps.

The panic around the new coronavirus is stupid

Elon Musk

Elon Musk considers stupid to panic because of the coronavirus

Will coronavirus affect product prices?

Will iPhone prices go up?

Amid the spread of the virus, exporting countriesOPEC organizations failed to agree on a reduction in oil production. Because of this, the cost of a barrel of oil fell to $ 45, a record low price. Against this background, the ruble has weakened against the dollar and the euro by about 10 rubles since the beginning of the year. This will undoubtedly entail an increase in prices for foodstuffs and especially for equipment (smartphones, computers, and so on). However, we note that our country has experienced such scenarios more than once. Compared to the danger posed by coronavirus, price increases are a trifle.

Will Apple cancel presentation due to coronavirus?

More and more people believe that Apple mayrefuse the WWDC presentation and postpone it to some other date. In addition, in February the company was forced to reduce the production of smartphones, but now the production lines have resumed their work. So cancel or not? Probably not. A company can hold a presentation in an online format without reporters.

Already canceled presentations GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, exhibition MWC.

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