Corkcicle unveils The Mandalorian-inspired thermos

Corkcicle, a well-known manufacturer of water tanks, has released a product based on Star Wars. To be more precise, the TV series "The Mandalorian".

In essence, this is a sports flask that keeps the temperature of the liquid: cold - 25 hours, hot - 12 hours.

According to the creators, the form factor of the container is suitable for both the office and carrying in a bag. Also, the manufacturer assures that he used the best materials, so durability is guaranteed.

The Star Wars themed flask is Mandalorian-themed and comes with a glass with ears, coloring, and ears vaguely reminiscent of baby Grog.

By the way, this is not the first time such collaborations have been done in Corkcicle. They can meet the vessels of "Spider-Man", Darth Vader or the Hulk.

Moreover, you can also buy glasses with mugs made of stainless steel from these same guys, also in the style of famous comics and films.

The products are interesting, but the price tag is biting: $ 99 per cup. And in this case, a reasonable question arises. What is the problem with buying a warming pad for a cup?

Well, or a container with built-in heating. Moreover, some models are in no way inferior to Corkcicle in quality.

However, this is a matter of taste. Fans of comics and movies will certainly come in and will be a good gift for any holiday.