Coosno - well, a very smart and technological coffee table (2 photos + video)

Nowadays it is even possible to combineIt would seem that such incompatible concepts as "coffee table" and "high technology". Although Coosno is not just a coffee table. It has a lot of unexpected options: voice control, mini-fridge, support for Google Home, and so on and so forth. In a quiet state, being connected to the network, it can even charge 2 mobile gadgets without wires.

Music lovers can wirelessly turn onBroadcast from smartphones to Coosno stereo with 6 speakers. A display of 288 LEDs is mounted in the surface of the table, providing different combinations of iridescent 16,000 colors.

On a voice command, the worktop can open and give access to the fridge with snacks and drinks. And Google Home will allow you to manage other home gadgets and find out, for example, the weather forecast.

Small model will cost on pre-orderIndiegogo 299 dollars, and retail will cost 799 dollars. The cost of the larger version will be $ 399 and $ 999, respectively. They will be sold at the end of winter.