Consider the spending of Putin's friends. Why do they spend more every year?


Headline time. Our world is flooded with deceptions when the headlines hide something completely different.

content.Anyone can play this game, the only question is your ideas about beauty, the pursuit of clickbait has become the norm for many. We shy away from such an approach, but this time I could not resist, a painfully funny case turned up, Bloomberg decided to rid the Europeans of old refrigerators, since the latter are “Putin’s best friends”. The idea of ​​the article in Bloomberg is simple - old refrigerators consume more electricity than new ones, which means that replacing them can lead to the fact that you hit gas consumption, play against Putin. This is how a logical chain is described simply and clearly, which has several flaws.

And it seemed interesting to me to raise not at allthe obvious question is how the energy consumption of equipment changes over time, and for example, you can take the same refrigerators. About a hundred years ago there were no refrigerators in the houses, the first samples were huge, noisy and could not withstand any criticism. Most wealthy citizens, squeezed into the space of apartment buildings, used glaciers, a kind of thick-walled cabinets, upholstered in metal, in which they put ice and immediately placed food. Small spaces, but this was the most common way to store food. On the Moskva River, ice blocks were harvested for glaciers.

Only the most-most inhabitants of the country couldallow a refrigerator, for example, such an American unit can be seen in the Kirov apartment-museum in St. Petersburg. No one considered how much electricity it consumes, then it was a miracle of miracles.

For a long time the whole world lived in an era of cheapelectricity, and therefore the problems of paying bills did not bother anyone, but things began to change some time ago. Today, many buyers know that the refrigerator must be chosen not only by size, but with an eye on how it consumes electricity. Unfortunately, most people do not understand how manufacturers calculate electricity consumption, and this is a kind of competition! The less electricity needed to cool the interior of the refrigerator, the better, and, therefore, you can play on people's ignorance without going into details. For example, many manufacturers indicate that a medium-sized refrigerator consumes about 550-600 kW per year. In practice, consumption will be at least 25-30% higher. The reason is banal - the manufacturer cools the refrigerator without food, only the air that is inside. The more food inside, the more often you open the door, the more energy is consumed. So the figures given by manufacturers can be considered the minimum level of energy consumption and can be safely multiplied by a factor of 1.3. Some people manage to achieve twice the energy consumption of the declared.

The second important point, which is forgotten,it's an aging refrigerator. Every year the tightness of the capsule worsens, nothing is eternal. The refrigerant is the same, but due to different processes, a little more energy is required for cooling. Every year, energy consumption is growing, that is, the refrigerator does not deteriorate, it continues to work and cool food, but aging leads to the fact that more and more energy is spent on this. And almost no one talks about this, the most economical refrigerator will consume noticeably more energy in 5-10 years, and this cannot be avoided. Depending on the design and the flaws that have appeared, energy consumption will be higher from 1.5 to 2.5 times. But for a person, almost nothing will change, it will still be the same working refrigerator that performs its function. In Soviet times, we had a ZIL refrigerator made of thick sheet metal, small and noisy. The freezer was overgrown with ice in a matter of days, it would be nice to measure the electricity consumption of this monster today, but, alas, he ended his days long ago.


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Perhaps you need to learn to perceive the numbers,which manufacturers cite as something ideal, so that later there will be no disappointments, in your conditions the refrigerator will consume more electricity, the only question is the discrepancy in readings. This reasoning applies to any household appliances - a vacuum cleaner, a kettle, a bread machine or a toaster. Over time, they consume more and more energy, and this cannot be avoided. All items age, but it seems to us that they work as on the first day.

In all sorts of articles about the “harm” of oldrefrigerators appeal to rationality, offer to calculate how much electricity you spend on them. I found a curious plate that well illustrates the extravagance of old refrigerators, adapted it for a better perception and the current moment.

Refrigerator age Annual energy consumption, kWh Cost in rubles (at the rate of 6 rubles per kWh) Cost in dollars (based on 0.25 dollars per kWh)
2020 Energy Star Certificate 350 2100 87.5
Less than 10 years old 440 2640 110
15-20 years old 651 3906 162.75
About 25 years 1031 6186 257.75
Over 30 years 2018 12108 504.5

In Europe, the cost of electricity will soonwill be approximately the same as in California, which was taken for calculation. And the purchase of a new refrigerator becomes a reality, as it can save electricity. But the label from Energy Star contains a fair amount of slyness, for old refrigerators the data is real, but for a new one they are ideal. And he, most likely, will show himself at about the level of a 10-year-old model, the difference will no longer be so stunning.

For some reason, the question of how muchthere is a new refrigerator, and in Europe there is also the question that the old one needs to be disposed of, you can’t just take it to the trash, you have to pay for it. Calculations on the knee show that the effective life of the refrigerator, when it is really worth changing it, is just over 32 years! And this puts an end to all the materials about the need to choose more energy-efficient solutions in order to save. That same economy does not dance in any way, in practice it is absent.

I've never met advice to choosea smaller refrigerator, and in winter turn it off completely, store food outside the window. It is possible that this year such advice will appear in abundance in Europe, as the cost of electricity beats one record after another and for users such achievements are sad, because they are converted into utility bills. The time when it was possible not to count the cost of electricity, to spend it recklessly, has passed. And this is even taking into account the fact that the energy efficiency of current technology has increased dramatically, we spend much less on LED lighting, smart appliances have also learned how to save energy.

For Europeans, there is only one way - at allrefuse household appliances, forget about them. Otherwise, they will fly out into the pipe, there is simply no other way. And here any devices that modern people are used to become Putin's friends, it's just that energy costs are disproportionate to the budgets that most countries have. Freezing Texas proved well that energy means life, but not everyone had the money for this pleasure during periods of peak loads and maximum prices. Read about how people got cold.

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Against the backdrop of what happened in the winter of 2021 inTexas, it doesn't matter what kind of refrigerator you have, the disaster has affected the companies that produce electricity. And therefore, trying to lay straws and choose an effective solution is almost pointless, you still won’t be able to protect yourself from negative factors. And a small difference in energy consumption will be eaten by a difference in the cost of goods, since it exists. Rather, you need to change your habits, then some kind of savings can arise and you really get a gain in electricity consumption. But, alas, these are only radical solutions - less light, load the washing machine by 80%, but no less, and other examples of responsible consumption. In our country, electricity continues to be inexpensive, which means that there will be no such changes. But in Europe they will happen in the very near future, and it may be worth writing a material in which to speculate about how Europeans can reduce their payments for electricity, reduce consumption to a minimum. But they definitely won’t be able to remove it to zero, and a reduction of 20% means a very noticeable pain in the domestic aspect.

Repeatedly said that the green agendawill evaporate like smoke as soon as the first signs of a crisis appear. In Europe, we are already seeing this moment - at power plants they are ready to heat with coal and fuel oil, since there is not enough gas, and this is again "green" energy. But against this background, manufacturers' marketing will flourish, and we will see a race around how certain household appliances take new heights, begin to consume less electricity. But in most cases it will be numbers that are far from reality, an attempt to sell hope for savings to buyers. It is gratifying that in Russia this parameter will not worry people for a long time.

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