Consent to sex in Denmark can be obtained through the mobile application

High technology approached and confidentlypenetrate into the intimate sphere of human communication. After the introduction in Denmark of severe amendments to the Law on Rape, any sex without consent will be considered rape. The law was even called the Consent Law. The legal requirement was immediately played up by the programmers who created the iConsent mobile application, which allows obtaining such consent with a single click on the smartphone screen.

"Documented consent to sexual intercourse"can be ordered through the iConsent application already distributed free of charge in the Google Play store. The time for sending a request and obtaining consent is no more than 30 seconds. In the description of the application it is noted that "... consent is valid for one sexual intercourse and is valid for 24 hours."

The application keeps a history of requests where you cansee the user's activity and the status of consent to his proposals. It is noted that consent can be revoked by either party at any time. The information is stored on secure servers and can only be released to the Danish authorities upon a criminal inquiry.

Public organizations of the country immediatelycriticized the iConsent app. So it is noted that the application is not legal evidence in court and can be obtained by force. The practice of signing various consent agreements is still used by criminals working in the illegal sex industry. Activists call the app "a dream come true for people guilty of violence."

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