Concept smartphone Vivo APEX 2019 officially presented: where is the selfie camera?

Vivo has fulfilled its promise - the APEX 2019 seamless and buttonless smartphone is officially launched in Beijing today, January 24th.

Immediately worth clarifying - vivo APEX 2019 - this is notsmartphone for sale This is a new concept background, demonstration by the company of the direction in which it intends to move in the near future. Similarly, the year before, the Vivo APEX was introduced, most of the chips of which were then implemented as part of the Vivo NEX market model.

Vivo APEX 2019 demonstrates a commitment to completeframeless and demonstrates the seamlessness of the case. At the smartphone there are no physical buttons, their place was taken by capacitive sensors and pressure sensors. They are able to accurately determine the strength and place of pressing and force the smartphone to react to it accordingly - ignore it, if they just took it in hand, or turn on / increase-decrease the volume - if the press was targeted.

Instead of the traditional USB port, the device received a MagPort — a magnetic power connector that provides both device battery charging and data transfer.

No holes - so without holes, the speakers also went under the knife, the sound of the APEX 2019 is transmitted to the surface of the screen through the use of Body SoundCasting technology.

APEX 2019 implements the idea of ​​recognitionfingerprints in any area of ​​the screen. The Fingerprint Light function provides visibility to the process: when a user's finger approaches the display, the pixels at the intended point of contact are highlighted.

Once again, poking into the screen is not necessary: when taking a device out of inactive screen mode, just touch the icon of the desired application to simultaneously unlock the device and launch the application.

APEX 2019 is not only solid outside, but alsocompact, for which some advanced solutions were applied. In particular, the device represents a solution to the issue of limited space due to the use of Duplex PCB Design - double-sided printed circuit board.

Although the APEX 2019 will not go into the series, for the forestthe conviction that the device is ahead of the rest, it was built on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 platform and equipped with 12 GB of RAM. The capacity of the drive is 256 GB - it’s understandable, it’s impossible to do less, there’s nothing to expand it.

Heap is also the first smartphone from Vivo with 5G support.

But about what Vivo did not let slip - it is about cameras. From the back everything is more or less clear, it is, double, the resolution does not matter much, it is still a concept. But what about the front?

Appeared on the eve of the video showed leavingFrom the case of the front-end, but it destroys the entire harmonious concept of seamlessness. Apparently, they did not have time to come up with solutions to this problem, and the subject of the selfie was just quietly swept under the carpet. Think about it after.

What is there with a sim card is also not yet clear, but at least e can be done.

Vivo will take part in Mobile World Congress 2019, in Barcelona, ​​where it will give guests of the event the opportunity to test the APEX 2019.

Tatyana Kobelskaya