Computer tables from Lian Li received an update (2 photos + video)

Original computer cases made inthe form factor of tables from Lian Li (Taiwan) was first presented last year at the CES-2019 exhibition and gained well-deserved popularity. Now the company has introduced an updated version of the DK-4 and DK-5 models, made with a focus on the classic design.

The older model of the computer table DK-5 F allowsplace two E-ATX motherboards inside, and in the younger model DK-04F only one board is available. As in the basic models, the updated tables have a telescopic system of legs that allows you to adjust the height of the tabletop from 69 to 117.5 cm. Also, the tables can be equipped with a liquid cooling system.

Inside the case of the computer table can be placedvideo cards up to 390 mm long for the DK-04F and up to 400 mm for the DK-5 F. There is also room for several 3.5 inch HDD drives or 2.5 inch SSD drives inside. The cooling system is complemented by 140 mm fans located in the front and rear of the case.

Tabletop computer tables, as in the basemodels, made of special 8 mm glass, which at the request of the user can either become transparent or switch to opaque mode to hide the "filling" of the computer. This feature is available thanks to technology that allows you to change the refractive index of the glass when applying voltage to it.

The base of the tables is made of reinforced aluminumsteel and painted on the outside in a noble classic black color. The steel-reinforced structure allows placing equipment weighing up to 80 kg inside the case. New models will go on sale on April 16, and only then will the company announce the prices of the updated models. It is expected that the price will not be lower than $ 1,500.

Source: lian-li