Completely independent robot vacuum cleaner ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO 900

The Ozmo 900 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is designed for daily cleaning. Unlike many models, this robot has a number of functions that make it completely independent.

Smart Navigation: SmartNavi 3.0 Version

Ozmo 900 Robot Vacuum CleanerSmart NAVI technology, which allows him to independently plan your apartment and lay the optimal route before starting cleaning. This feature guarantees high-quality cleaning of the entire area, and not just the perimeter.

The robot independently analyzes the area andthe layout of the room, building the optimal route that will allow you to clean a large area with less battery, which is enough for about 100 square meters (2600 mAh).

If suddenly the Ozmo 900 does not have time to finish cleaning, it will go on its own to recharge, and then continue to clean from the place where it stopped.

Smart Ecovacs Home App

If your apartment has rooms where the robot should not call, just mark it on the interactive map, which is available in the Ecovacs Home application on any smartphone.

In the same application, you can select cleaning zones, the sequence of rooms, as well as schedule cleaning for a specific time.

The latter function is simply indispensable for those wholikes to return to a clean house. For example, sitting at work or traveling around the world, you can give a command to a little assistant who immediately rushes to put your house in order.

Also, the application will remind you when the time comes to replace consumables and show what the Ozmo 900 is currently doing.

Wet cleaning Ozmo 900

The robot is able to perform both dry and wetcleaning. To do this, it is necessary to fill a special tank with a capacity of 240 ml with water, which, in turn, will distribute moisture through microfiber due to special sensors. The intensity of wet cleaning is regulated by the pump and using the application on the smartphone.

The container of the robot vacuum cleaner has a garbage container with a volume of 450 ml. This is enough for daily cleaning of a 2-3 room apartment.

Ozmo 900 is able to independently determinethe surface on which it is located. For carpet cleaning, the robot has a special Max mode, in which the power of the vacuum cleaner is doubled. This mode is activated automatically upon arrival on the carpet, or it can be turned on manually using the application.


The robot cleaner is equipped with special sensors forsteps, obstacles and bumps. In order not to fall off the steps, the Ozmo 900 scans the space in front of itself and, in the event of a height difference, turns.

A lidar is installed on the upper part of the vacuum cleaner body, which helps determine the distance to objects. He warns of approaching objects and the robot will certainly reduce speed.

In addition to an impressive range of functions, the ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO 900 robot vacuum cleaner boasts a relatively low price. At the time of publication, the cost of a robot vacuum cleaner Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900 - 26,990 rubles.