Competitors of Space X appeared. In China, tests of a reusable launch vehicle have completed (video)

In Qinghai, the private company LinkSpace has successfully tested its own reusable RLV-T5 launch vehicle. So far, this is the largest and most technologically advanced development of its kind in the PRC.

The length of the structure is 8.1 m. She took off at 300 m and, with an accuracy of 7 cm, gently landed after 50 seconds. RLV-T5 can be used repeatedly. Moreover, test launches are cheap. And the preparation and launch cycles can be repeated quickly. The developers tested all the key technologies of the new product: parallel connection of several engines, ignition system and more.

Another development was announced: the RLV-T6 rocket with a height of 14 m, which can be launched up to 10 times a year.

Source: globaltimes