Competitor Apple AirPower simultaneously charges 4 gadgets! (5 photo + video)

Apple is still not rushing to release AirPower, andstartups meanwhile do not hesitate. So, wireless charging iComboStand is able to simultaneously charge the iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch. She even has a number of pleasant advantages relative to the original from the apple corporation.

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The novelty is a bench chargekind of. So, if the iPhone is angled, its screen will remain in front of your eyes. It is very important for fans of communication on FaceTime, since the smartphone can be charged without interrupting the conversation. Eat iPhone can and in a horizontal position. In this case, iComboStand will be used as a stand for easy viewing of video clips. On charging the battery, again, do not worry.

At the same time, you can charge not only AirPods, Apple Watch and iPhone, but also one more device. For this, there is a USB port on the side. Thus, 4 gadgets will be fed immediately!

Charging power of the smartphone in all positions - 10W, a case for headphones and a watch - 5 W each, on the wire - the same 5 W. In this case, iComboStand has protection against overheating, power surges and overcharging. There is a new pre-order for $ 79.