Comparison of impact resistance iPhone 11 Pro Max and Galaxy S20 Ultra (video)

A comprehensive study of the topsmartphones for durability. An individual test of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, when the device fell on asphalt, conducted earlier showed quite good results. The PhoneBuff channel team decided to conduct a comparative analysis of the impact strength of the top Galaxy S20 Ultra with the rival iPhone 11 Pro Max.

During the test was useda robotic arm dropping smartphones onto a concrete surface from different heights at different angles. When you first fall to the back cover, the iPhone 11 Pro Max cover is completely cracked, while the S20 Ultra smartphone remained intact, acquiring small scratches at the ends.

When falling on the ends, both smartphones did not receivesignificant damage - getting off with small scratches. When thrown on the front surface of the iPhone 11 Pro Max again looked much worse - the smartphone screen was covered with cracks, while the competitor again remained intact.

Survival Test - drop to complete failure inwork, showed that the Galaxy S20 Ultra withstands 8 drops, while the iPhone 11 Pro Max continued to work after the same number of drops from a height. According to the results of the experiment, the victory with a minimal advantage was given to the Galaxy S20 Ultra.