Company TKEY DMCC announced the launch of Desktop Wallets and mining client Tkeycoin

Company TKEY DMCC announced the launch of instanttransfers to the decentralized network TKEY and the official start of the mining of cryptocurrency Tkeycoin. Two weeks before the listing on the stock exchanges, local wallets and software for extracting tkeycoins will become available to all users of the network.

The new local wallet TKEY representsCross-platform cryptographic application for Windows, MacOS and Linux systems. Wallet owners will be able to extract cryptocurrency directly to their accounts, make instant cryptocurrency transfers within the Tkeycoin network around the world, and also transfer their assets to Fiat without restrictions and blockages.

Software for Linux has become available on April 15, software for MacOS will appear on April 17-18, and software for Windows - from April 20 to 23.

For mining, Tkeycoin will not necessarily havefarms, asiki and other special equipment. Users will only need to download a special program on a computer or laptop and follow further instructions. Mining TKEY will be organized much easier, more convenient and more accessible than Bitcoin. In addition, it will be much more decentralized. Attractive for cryptocurrency miners also looks for a block reward - 100 TKEY for every 10 minutes, which will be distributed to the entire network.

About complex things in simple words:

For a better understanding of the meaning of the basic terms of the TKEY network, let us draw an analogy with the elements of the usual banking system:

• Network TKEY is a bank.
• Tkeycoin is a cryptocurrency circulating inside the TKEY bank.
• Address is the number of your account or the “address” of the wallet, a kind of individual “bank cell” for crediting and storing the Tkeycoin cryptocurrency.

In the classic pattern of sale when youwant to buy a phone or other thing through Avito, you make a deal with the seller directly. If you and the seller have a card or account, for example, in Sberbank, you have the opportunity to pay for the goods by simple transfer within the banking system, without any intermediaries and commissions. Similarly, the process of buying and selling occurs in the TKEY network. If the seller is ready to accept payment in cash, you can negotiate a transaction and transfer the required amount in Tkeycoin to his Address (wallet). By the principle described above, you yourself can act as a seller and receive payment for goods or services to your Address (wallet).

By the end of the year, the Tkeycoin cryptocurrency payment mechanism will be launched in any stores that accept bank cards.

Pluses of local wallets:

• guarantee of safety and security of assets;
• security and anonymity of transactions;
• high speed of payments and transfers;
• lack of tax control;
• clear interface and ease of use;
• private keys and blockchains are stored on the user's PC, without access by third parties;
• synchronization with all major operating systems;
• the possibility of transferring cryptocurrency to any country in the world and selling goods, services and the cryptocurrency itself for cash.

Pros of mining Tkeycoin:

Mining in the TKEY network works on the mPoW principle. This type of mining is a modular Proof-of-Work, which significantly surpasses classic POW and POS systems in performance, reliability and security.

Mining in the TKEY network is:

• no need for farms or other specialized equipment, just an ordinary PC or laptop, not even with the newest hardware;
• total absence of an input access threshold for miners;
• freedom in operations with cryptocurrency without stopping mining;
• mPoW-protocol, which is 17-23 times higher than analogues in speed and security;
• highly effective protection against DDoS attacks, double waste attacks, self-mining mining and spam.

Listing soon

In conclusion, we recall that the listing of Tkeycoin(TKEY) on the stock exchanges is scheduled for May 1, 2019. Bidding will begin with a starting price of $ 1, and, according to objective predictions on the Internet, by the end of the year the cryptocurrency could rise to $ 450. Now, while Tkeycoin has not yet begun to bargain at the exchange rate, all users have the opportunity to freely buy a Tkeycoin coin on IPEO terms at the lowest price. Use this opportunity if you are interested in the project.