Compact pocket projector for iPhone and iPad (3 photos + video)

Miniature projector that developerspositioned as the thinnest in the world, will allow you to get high-quality images on almost any surface, broadcasting files from your iPhone or iPad. The compact BIJOU device can even be hidden in a pocket, and the image can be viewed on the surface of any curvature.

The tiny dimensions of BIJOU providethe ability to always have the device at hand. The user will be able to watch the video immediately after waking up, without getting out of bed, during hygiene in the bathroom, in the kitchen during breakfast and in the evening with the whole family. This versatile device is available for use in almost any situation.

Developers installed special MEMS in BIJOUa scanner that eliminates the need for focus. Broadcasting is performed by lighting each pixel, which will allow you to get a clear image on curved surfaces and even on wrinkled sheets. The image transmits the picture by 14 degrees deviating from the plane of the device, which eliminates the need to tilt BIJOU.
When broadcasting black in BIJOU, it completely blocks the light in these areas, which will allow you to get a high-contrast image and further save energy.

Management and work with BIJOU does not require installationspecial applications - just connect the device to your iPhone or iPad. Own speaker, which is much more powerful than the one installed in the iPhone, will broadcast sound.

The battery life of BIJOU is provided by a battery with a capacity of 1150 mAh, 3.5 mm jacks for speakers or headphones and USB-C for pairing with a smartphone are provided.

The BIJOU device is presented on Kickstarter, whereit can be ordered for $ 299. The project, more than two weeks before completion, has already collected an amount of 1.5 times the amount necessary to start production of the projector. The first customers will receive the device in December.

Source / Buy: Kickstarter