Compact Laser Rangefinder Duke LS-P - new from Xiaomi

In order to attract investment for the implementationXiaomi introduced a laser rangefinder project on crowdfunding with a prototype of this product called Duke LS-P, made of an aluminum-magnesium alloy.

Its parameters are:
• weight 28 grams,
• thickness 11 mm.

Its features:
• has 8 different functions, ranging from simple measurements of distance to objects and ending with the calculation of angles, area and volume;
• performs more than 3,000 measurements on a single charge with an accuracy of up to 1 mm;
• has convenient buttons for switching functions;
• Has a small monochrome backlit display for displaying received values.

The kit includes a charger in the form of a conventional USB cable and a cord for carrying the device on the wrist.
On sale Duke LS-P will appear July 8, 2019, the expected cost is only 99 yuan (≈950 rubles). It is supposed to be sold on AliExpress.