Compact HumBird device turns any surface into a speaker (video)

The HumBird Bone Conduction Speaker is a new class of acoustic device that transforms virtually any surface into a speaker.

The HumBird is a smalla disc that can fit on the user's hand. When the HumBird is placed on a surface, the device analyzes the density of the material and generates sound, effectively converting the surrounding space into a loudspeaker.

The compact HumBird is roundwashers with a diameter of only 1.5 inches and at the same time generates sound at a level of about 115 dB, which is five times more powerful than a speaker for a smartphone. The HumBird uses bone conduction technology, and the amplified sound depends on the material of the surface on which the device is placed. This is how a wooden surface generates a natural dense sound, while a paper surface simulates the sound of a classic turntable with a vinyl record.

The HumBird has a 400mAh battery,providing up to 3 hours of battery life. A full recharge time via the USB-C port is approximately 30 minutes. By using two devices, a stereo effect can be achieved. The HumBird speaker currently retails for $ 44.95 and comes in Silver, Red and Black colors.