Compact electric car Toyota Ultra-Compact BEV with a power reserve of 100 km (4 photos + video)

The era of huge cars devouring dozensliters of fuel is replaced by a fashion for compact environmentally friendly electric vehicles. Toyota, the world's largest automaker, has developed a two-seater Ultra-Compact BEV electric car with a limited range of only 100 km. It is expected that serial production of super compact cars will begin in 2020.

Toyota Engineering Department has developedsix modifications of electric cars and small vehicles, the main advantage of which are small sizes, which is especially true for modern megalopolises overloaded with traffic jams and vehicles.

Double Ultra-Compact BEV takes to the streetsJapanese cities by the winter of 2020. A small radius of autonomous driving is convenient for the compact center of large cities with dense buildings. The Ultra-Compact BEV battery pack provides 100 km of travel, and recharging from a standard 220 V network will last only 5 hours.

The dimensions of the car 2,490 × 1,290 × 1,550 mm alloweasily fit inside two users. The maximum speed of a mini-car from Toyota is 60 km / h, which is quite acceptable for heavy traffic on city streets.

Toyota Developers Introduced Business VersionUltra-Compact BEV, which has similar dimensions, but a variable interior that allows you to turn a car into a mini-office or a vacation spot. By removing the steering wheel and moving the second seat, one driver will be able to extend the table and work, or relax. The new model, as well as the original means of transportation around the city from Toyota will be demonstrated at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019, scheduled for late October.