Compact device Elevate turns a standard bike into an electric bike (video)

Modern manufacturers offerCyclists have several options for converting a traditional bike to an e-bike using a variety of attachments. The main upgrade method today is the wheel motor. Meanwhile, design engineers are developing original solutions that can revolutionize the design of bicycles.

American startup bimotal from San Franciscodeveloped a compact, convenient and quick-mount device Elevate, which can turn a bicycle into an e-bike in a few minutes. A small geared motor mounted on the rear wheel does not require major modifications to the bike.

The Elevate structure consists of four componentsparts: a drive gear, reinforced instead of the "native" rear brake disc, a 750 W electric motor installed on the rear brake mount, a 250Wh battery, made in a bottle form factor and mounted on a frame in an ordinary bottle holder. The fourth part of the device is a control system brought to the handlebars of the bicycle.

The weight of the entire structure does not exceed 2.7 kg. During operation, the motor gear engages with the gear on the brake disc and helps to rotate the wheel. The engine will be able to transmit continuously torque of 50 Nm and up to 100 Nm at maximum load. The rechargeable battery provides a driving range on one charge for a distance of 24 to 48 km, depending on the operating mode of the bike. The maximum speed is up to 45 km / h.

All four elements of the Elevate system are connectedwires, however, currently work is underway to create a modification using Bluetooth modules. A model is also being developed that transmits torque not to the wheel, but to the gear with pedals, which will reduce the effort required by the cyclist to pedal. It takes a few seconds to connect the Elevate system. Delivery of the device to the market will begin in early 2021, and the price of Elevate, together with professional installation, is $ 1950.

Source: bimotal