Compact computer mouse announced (video)

Modern development of engineering and technologyallows you to create miniature gadgets that can replace the usual devices and allow us to work under any conditions. Swiftpoint offers computer users a compact Tracpoint input device that combines the functionality of a traditional mouse and trackball. At the same time, the mass of the gadget is only 24 grams.

The ergonomic body of the mini mouse is shaped,allowing comfortable work with three fingers, and the device’s sensor responds to any surface. Trackball will provide additional assistance with cursor control.

An additional feature of Tracpoint isthe ability to control the presentation, Mini-mouse easily turns into a pointer and is able to demonstrate a series of slides, open applications and perform other functions. Gestures are configured using special software for the Windows and macOS operating systems that comes with Tracpoint.

Autonomous operation is supported by a battery, which, when fully charged for one hour, provides up to 2 weeks of operation. Charges Tracpoint via a USB port on a computer or laptop.

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Tracpoint pre-order cost,which can be issued at the Kickstarter crowdfunding site will be $ 99. Delivery will begin in October 2019, as the project has already raised $ 122.7 thousand instead of the planned 5 thousand dollars.

Source: kickstarter