Compact chip reader, developed in China

Nowadays, the success of neurocomputer developersThe interfaces are often impressive. Gadgets are created that allow you to play Tetris or transform brain activity into speech with the power of thought. And yet the development still remains within the boundaries of the laboratories.

However, it is possible the interfaces"Brain-computer" will be introduced in the foreseeable future. The first step was a special computer chip. Brain Talker was created by engineers from the state-owned corporation China Electronics and Tianjin University. Identifying the signals coming from the neurons of the cerebral cortex, the gadget decodes them and then converts them into digital information.

Compared with other neurocomputerinterfaces, the novelty is compact, very accurate in decoding and efficient in calculations. It can be used both in scientific organizations and in medicine, entertainment and education. But before ensuring the availability of gadgets on Brain Talker, the developers want to further increase the efficiency of the chip.

Source: xinhuanet