Compact and Eco-Friendly HydraCell Saltwater Power Supply (video)

The problem of recharging mobile devices,emergency lighting is solved using a portable HydraCell Power Cube, which instantly generates electricity when salt water is added inside the enclosure (concentration 7.5%). Electricity is generated by contact of the electrolyte with interchangeable plates mounted inside the HydraCell housing. After “refueling” with salt water, the device remains in operable condition for about 250 hours.

HydraCell's power is small, but enoughfor the primary provision of small mobile communication devices in the event of an emergency power outage, or in an area where there is no centralized power supply.

Among the key benefits of the HydraCell Power Cubedevelopers note an almost instantaneous supply of energy after adding an aqueous saline solution. The power of a compact device is enough to charge from 5 to 10 smartphones on one set of stationary plates.
One set of interchangeable plates is enough forproviding from 50 to 100 hours of lighting using LED lighting devices of various capacities. The HydraCell device will provide lighting in the event of an accident, on the road, or while camping.

All waste generated after useHydraCell can be disposed of safely, as they decompose quickly and do not harm the environment. HydraCell housing is made of recycled plastic.

Kickstarter goes on crowdfunding platformfundraising for the HydraCell Power Cube project. A few days before the end of the investment period, three times more funds were already raised than was necessary to launch the project. HydraCell Power Cube batteries will begin shipping to their first customers in August 2020. You can pre-order at a price of $ 54.

Source: Kickstarter