Compact 65W laptop charger with USB Type-C port (5 photos + video)

One of the most important elements providinglaptop mobile work is a charger. However, if computer technology is becoming increasingly compact and lightweight, then the chargers continue to remain quite large, equipped with a massive power supply. Large corporations are in no hurry to solve this problem, while the American startup Homing Systems has developed a compact and universal solution, creating a SlimQ charger that can provide autonomy for most modern and even outdated laptop models.

According to the developers, SlimQ is oneof the smallest and lightest 65W charging devices. The overall dimensions of SlimQ are comparable to the power adapter for modern smartphones - 28 × 33 × 65 mm, with a mass of only 91 grams.

Using a suitable SlimQ cable canto replace the power supply for most laptop models, including obsolete Asus, Acer, HP, Lenovo and other devices. You only need to purchase a USB-C cable for the connector of a specific laptop model, which can be done when ordering SlimQ itself. At the same time, for the new MacBook, models starting in 2016, the standard wire of the base charger is suitable.

SlimQ, in addition to the USB-C connector, has a USB-A port that provides charging with an output of 18 watts. When simultaneously charging from both connectors, the power on the main decreases to 45 watts.

The charger has a base plug,designed for the American standard of sockets, however, when ordering, developers can provide a free adapter to the required standard for the country from which the purchase is made.

SlimQ device presented at crowdfundingIndiegogo site, priced at $ 39. In addition, you can order a $ 45 charger for $ 29. The delivery of products is scheduled for September 2019. Currently, over 80 thousand dollars have already been raised for the project, with the necessary 30 thousand, and more than two weeks remain before the completion of the fundraising.

Source: indiegogo