Coffee can cause miscarriage in pregnant women

During pregnancy, when inside a womana new living being is being formed; many strict rules must be observed. Expectant mothers at least need to get enough sleep, wear as comfortable clothes as possible, not expose themselves to heavy physical exertion and follow a proper diet. Recently it turned out that the diet should be given a lot of attention and try to minimize the amount of coffee and tea consumed. According to researchers from the US National Institute of Health, the abuse of these drinks can lead to a terrible miscarriage.

According to statistics, about 15-20% of pregnancies end in a miscarriage

Scientists found this out in a study withinvolving 1228 women who planned to have a baby between 2007-2011. When the women finally became pregnant, each of them filled out a questionnaire asking to indicate the amount of coffee they consumed. In addition, researchers measured the level of caffeine in their blood. Subsequently, they monitored how their drinks affected the course of pregnancy.

Harm to pregnant women

Observations showed that consumption of 200milligrams of coffee per day, that is, more than two cups, significantly increases the risk of miscarriage. It is noteworthy that in the first eight weeks of pregnancy, women are most vulnerable to caffeinated drinks. But these include not only coffee itself, but also all kinds of energy and even tea. Even if caffeine is minimized, a baby may be born underweight or with other pathologies.

Caffeine is found not only in coffee, but also in energy and tea

Scientists do not yet know exactly why caffeineso bad for an unborn baby. However, they have a very reasonable assumption that the stimulating property of coffee and other similar drinks is to blame. Firstly, they increase a person’s blood pressure, and secondly, they increase heart rate. All this together can provoke a miscarriage.

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What to do before pregnancy?

Based on the foregoing, researchersrecommend that women during pregnancy completely abandon caffeinated drinks. Moreover, it is best to prepare for this long before conception. They should also prepare themselves and their loved ones in advance for not being able to lift weights. Of course, clothes for pregnant women should also be thought a little earlier than pregnancy.

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However, there is a high probability thatresearchers exaggerate the dangers of caffeine for pregnant women. The results of the study may be inaccurate, because participants in the study could give knowingly false information and indicate less caffeine consumed. In addition, years earlier, other groups of scientists found no correlation between drinking coffee and the risk of miscarriage.

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Some scientists even believe that people candrink without fear even 25 cups a day. This conclusion, for example, was recently made by British scientists in a study involving 8412 people. Some of these people really drank two dozen cups of coffee and at the same time felt great. A medical examination showed that their cardiovascular system works no worse than more restrained coffee lovers.