Cockroach milk is the food of the future?

Due to the fact that the population of our planet is constantgrowing, scientists are now in search of new ways to feed humanity. So, one of the most promising products of the future may well be cockroach milk. Despite the fact that at present not every contemporary of ours dares to try such an original dish, scientists are very determined to use an unusual liquid in the manufacture of foodstuffs of mass consumption.

Cockroach milk can become a superfood

Despite the very unusual name andthe original method of obtaining, milk produced from cockroaches, is four times more nutritious than the usual cow's milk. To prove this fact, an international team of scientists from the Institute of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine in India successfully isolated a protein from the intestines of a cockroach of the species Diploptera punctata. The insect lives in the Pacific region and is the only viviparous cockroach in the world. In order to feed their offspring, cockroaches of this species secrete a special substance that is several times superior to buffalo milk in its energy qualities.

By the way, not only cockroach milk sooncan be used for food purposes. Earlier, we wrote that chicken can be made from peas, and the usual bread for all will be made from grasshoppers. You can find these and many other materials in our Yandex Zen.

How to get milk from cockroaches?

To get some milk for your morning coffee,you don’t have to milk Pacific cockroaches at all. This will be done for you by scientists who, before sending the finished milk to your breakfast, will transform it from protein into a white liquid that is familiar to you. Crystals of protein secreted from the intestines of cockroaches are very similar to high-grade food, since they contain all the substances that are useful to humans - proteins, fats and sugars. In addition, the milk of the future will become a very high-calorie product, becoming an excellent solution for those countries in which there is already a shortage of food.

In your opinion, can milk made from cockroach protein become a complete food in our country? Let's discuss a similar scenario together in our Telegram chat.